Before I begin this post, I have to acknowledge that I have been virtually dead from the blogging world for the last three weeks!   I’ve got lots of excuses – was really busy at work, got sick, and had a lack of motivation due to not being able to run – but the excuses don’t matter.   I’m back and intend to breathe some fresh life into this blog!

Starting with a review of 2013.  I was catching up on blogger friend Amy’s blog Run Write Hike yesterday, and saw her post ‘Year in Photos‘.  She got the idea from Jeano, and I loved both their posts so I thought I’d do one as well.  Here is my 2013, in photos:


New year, new project!  In January I created my blog.  Check out my first post titled ‘Can a Paleo Recipe Really Be Good?”.   Ha!  Looking back on it, it’s kind of random that this was my first post.  But I’m really proud of how far my little site has come in just a year and hope you have enjoyed reading it.

PageLines- finalrunivorelogo_main.png


The highlight of February was running the Ragnar Del Sol with these awesome people!!   My love for relays began this year.   I cannot wait to do another Ragnar.  Running 200 miles with 12 friends is a unique experience and a total blast.


Visiting Big Yoga Houston with my sisters!  If you read my blog and live in Houston all I can say is you must go to this yoga studio.   My sister Laura and her business partner Nancy own the studio and it is like no other I’ve seen.   They have created something very special and I really enjoyed my visit.

Laura Calcaterra and Nancy Sheridan

It was also a great trip because my other two sisters came as well – it’s not often that the four of us are together!



The best part of April was attending the wedding of two of our best friends, Anita and Michael, in Des Moines!  These are two of the coolest people I know, and I am so happy for them.  I just wished they lived in St. Louis so I could see them all the time!



In May I saw my youngest sister, Mia, graduate from college!


The highlight of June was visiting my husband in San Francisco (he works out there many weeks) and running the Wipro San Francisco half marathon.   This race was a blast – hilly and challenging, in a good way.   I absolutely love San Francisco so any chance to spend some time there is a good thing in my book.

Picture of me in San Francisco

It was also in June that I started training on the Hansons Marathon Method for the Chicago marathon.   What a journey it was, and with a great end result!

Hansons Marathon Method book


In July I went on the trip of a lifetime with my extended family – South Africa.  I have so many amazing pictures from this trip, but here are a couple I love.   The first one shows you how close we got to the animals – it was incredible!

And this picture of a lioness sleeping on the beach with the African sunset in the background really captures the beauty of where we were:


August and September

These two months were basically consumed with marathon training.   I honestly don’t recall doing much else!  The last two months of Hansons training were really tough and character building.  I can definitely say that these two months of training made me a  tougher runner and I hope that my body will remember this time and it will help me in the future.


If you’ve read my blog during my Hansons training you definitely know what the highlight of October was – PR’ing at the Chicago Marathon!    Thanks to the Hansons Marathon Method (and a lot of hard work) I dropped over 27 minutes off my previous time to run a 3:43:27.   I’m still on a high from this race!



I had a lazy November, which was nice for a change!   I injured my shin so I was forced to take some time off and just chill out, but I think this actually has proven to be a beneficial thing for me.  So really, I would sum up November of this year as lots of eating, lots of drinking, and just enjoying not working out like crazy!


This month I visited my best friend Kristin in San Antonio.  It was a great weekend filled with wedding planning and just catching up.   This girl is the greatest, and I can’t wait for her wedding in March 2014! : )

Gina and Kristin

Overall, I’d say it was a great year!  I have a lot of plans for 2014, so stay tuned for more on that :)

What was the highlight of your 2013?


4 Responses to My 2013 in Photos

  1. Amy says:

    What a fabulous year! If I had a 27 minute PR, I would still be on a high from it! Glad you are doing fun things like eating and drinking wine in San Antonio :) Hope you are back to running lots of miles in 2014!
    Amy recently posted…The Year in PhotosMy Profile

  2. Anita says:

    Michael and I wish that we lived in the same city everytime after we see you and Parth!! What a fun year you have had! Here’s to a great 2014!!

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