Last January I posted four Running Goals for 2013.   It was actually my third post ever after starting my blog – can you believe that?

Let’s take a moment to look back and see how I did, shall we?

Goal 1:  Run a trail half marathon


This year’s Quivering Quads trail half marathon (how do you like that name?!) was the muddiest race I’ve ever done, but it was a blast!   This is definitely a race that made me tougher.   Though not my longest trail race, it was definitely the worst conditions I’ve had, and it was my first half marathon distance on a trail.   I had a lot more fun getting ridiculously muddy than I thought I would.   Maybe a Tough Mudder is in my future now that I know I can deal with the mud?  We’ll see.

I really wished I hadn’t wiped myself off before this picture….would have looked much cooler… : )

Gina Bhawalkar at end of Quivering Quads

Goal 2: Break 4 hours at a minimum, but ideally 3:50, in a road marathon

Done, plus some!

Thanks to Hansons, and a lot of hard work, I smashed this goal by hitting a new PR this year of 3:43:27 at the Chicago marathon!  Check out my recap of the Chicago marathon here.

Gina Bhawalkar

Goal 3:  Improve my time in an Olympic distance triathlon (goal: under 3:00)

Ok, so this one didn’t happen, and in fact I didn’t even attempt it.  I didn’t do a single triathlon this year.   I can sum up my excuses in three words:

Hansons.  Marathon.  Method.

This plan left me little time for cross-training, and to do it justice I had to make it my sole focus for 18 weeks last summer/fall.

That being said, I would definitely like to hit this goal someday – you may see it on my 2014 goals :)

Goal 4:  Select and begin training for a 50 miler in late 2013 or early 2014.

This one didn’t happen either.  I would love to be writing a really cool post right now about my 50 miler training, but that’s obviously not the case.  It became pretty clear at the first onset of pain in my shin two weeks before the Chicago Marathon that though I could push through that race, I was probably going to be out for a bit.  Seeing as I’m just starting to do some easy 2-3 mile runs again this week I think it’s safe to say I won’t be running a 50 miler anytime soon!   Again though, this is definitely staying on the list of goals.

Other 2013 Running Highlights

In addition to hitting two of my goals, there are many other things I’m excited about as I look back on 2013:

Challenging myself to try the Hansons Marathon Method

If you’ve read my blog you know that training on the Hansons Marathon Method was a big part of my year!   This plan really took me outside of my comfort zone and challenged me to think about training in a new way.   After 18 weeks of 6-day-a-week running and feeling relatively beat up a good percentage of the time, I have to be proud of the fact that I made it through this plan.


In case you missed them, here are a few of my posts while training on the plan:

Finishing my first (and second!) ever relay race

I had a BLAST running the Ragnar Del Sol this year – my first relay race, and I can’t wait to do another Ragnar!

I also had a blast running the St. Louis Track Club marathon relay  – my second ever relay race – with some friends at work this fall.  Bonus?  We got second place in the Corporate Division!


Discovering and connecting with great running bloggers

Starting this blog last January, and having the opportunity to discover a lot of great running bloggers in the process, has been a tremendous experience for me.  Like Amy from Run Write Hike, Alaina from Merry Marathoner, Patty from Reach Your Peak, Jessica from runladylike, Jill from Fitness Health and Happiness, Jeano at Jogging Jeano, Marcia from Year: Twenty Nine, and many many more!   I have learned so much from following these and other blogs, including how to be a better blogger – something I hope to devote more time to in the coming year!

Discovering some great new running products

Thanks partly to my blog and opportunities that brought to review new products, but also to the fact that I am a gear junkie and love picking up new things at expos (like my FlipBelt!), I discovered some great products this year, including:

How do I feel about 2013?

Well hey, two goals out of four isn’t bad, right?   I’ll blame only hitting two of my goals on the fact that I had no idea what all this blogging stuff was about back in January 2013.  Must think harder next time before committing my goals to the internet! : )

In seriousness though, I am pretty happy with 2013, but also ready to leave it behind and look for new challenges in 2014.

Leave a comment below – tell me about a goal you hit in 2013!


4 Responses to Reflecting on my 2013 Running Goals

  1. You had an amazing year! I remember the quivering quads! You can’t forget a name like that.

    My 50 miler goal didn’t happen either. I’m struggling with whether or not to make it a goal for 2014. So tempted but for some reason my heart isn’t in it. Still deciding :)
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted…2014 #MakeAChange ChallengeMy Profile

    • Gina says:

      Thanks, Jill! I am in the same boat as you when it comes to the 50 miler. I’m not feeling as excited about that goal as I was early this year. I’m thinking of trying to qualify for Boston this year and if I make that my goal it may have to be my primary focus. We’ll see!

      I look forward to following your blog in the coming months to see what you have planned for the coming year!

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks for trout shout-out. New blog friends and connections are definitely the best part of blogging :) I am happy to have run two small marathon PRs in 2013! Small, but still a PR.
    Amy recently posted…Hitched!My Profile

    • Gina says:

      A PR is a PR – that is an great accomplishment for 2013! That, and your new job, and getting married – you’ve had a pretty awesome year from what I have read! :)

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