Just a brief post today to share a few things I’m excited about today…

(1)  I used my Handana for the first time!  The idea behind this product is you wear it on your hand and use it to wipe your sweat during a run or workout.   Katie, the woman behind Handana, has a really inspiring story and I’m excited to have the opportunity to try her product and share my thoughts with you.  More details and my review coming in the next few weeks, but based on my first experience I have to say, this thing is awesome!


(2)  How many times have you come up with an awesome idea while taking a shower and then completely forgotten it?   Well, I bought the most random thing off Amazon, and it arrived today!  It’s a notebook for the shower.  I know, totally random.  The notebook is designed for writing down all the great ideas you come up with in the shower and then forget by the time you actually get on with your day.  It has suction cups so you just stick it up on the wall, and the paper and pencil can get wet so no worries there!

Being the list-maker I am, I used my notepad tonight for the first time not for capturing a brilliant idea but for reminding myself of some mundane errand I need to do tomorrow.  I figure this way when I take my shower in the morning I’ll remember to grab my dry cleaning on the way out to door to work.  Hopefully I’ll be able to use this for its intended purpose moving forward : )

(3) The New York Times published their list of The 10 Best Books of 2013.     NPR also has a best books list that includes 200 titles, and the design is awesome!  They’re organized by category including Book Club Reads, Eye Opening Reads, Rather Long, Rather Short, etc.   It’s really fun to interact with, and is giving me many ideas of books to read and give as gifts.

What products are you excited about lately?  

Anyone else have great ideas while in the shower?


2 Responses to Things I’m excited about today

  1. Amy says:

    I love the idea of aqua notes! My best ideas always come either a) on a run or b) in the shower. There is a reason I cary my phone with me on a run…
    Amy recently posted…FreezingMy Profile

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